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A L E X A N D R A  W O O D S

Exhibitions include:

Affordable Art Fair 2005-2006
Air Gallery London 2005
Broadway Modern 2008
CCA Galleries 2004-2005
Chelsea Art Fair 2006
Collier Gallery 2005
Cotswolds Hare Trail current
Cotswolds Inspired Cirencester 2016
Country Living Fair 2010
Farnham Maltings 2006-2007
Gardens Gallery Cheltenham 2016, 2017
Hill Rise Gallery Richmond 2005-current
Jungfrau Region Tourism 2015
Konferenz Arena Kongresshaus Zurich 2015
Le Bec Verbier 2015
New Brewery Arts Cirencester 2010
Ottakers 2005-2006
River Cottage HQ 2005
Smiths of Smithfield London 
Sphere Gallery London 
Stufenbau Event Location Bern 2015
Verbier Life 2017-2018



oil on canvas 60cm x 60cm by Alexandra Woods